Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Ultra Basic Tyler dolls from TonnerDirect

New Ultra Basic™ Tyler Set exclusive from TonnerDirect
New from Tonner Doll Company, Ultra Basic Raven with green eyes, raven hair and super pale Lily skin tone (she'd make a great vampire, per our contributor Carolyn!) and Ultra Basic Platinum with blue eyes, platinum hair and Bloom skin tone.

Both (Tyler Wentworth) dolls are limited editions of 300, and retail for $69.99. Dolls come dressed in a white knit swimsuit with clear straps, and no shoes or stands.

When you buy both, you can save $9.99.

Photo property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. These are pretty awful. The make-up is none too good from what I can see, and the standard pull-back ponytail has gotten so tiresome I want to pull my hair out. It is interesting they are now using their batch of odd colors intro'd with Antoinette, but the raven looks like a vampire--no doubt they are playing into that current pop fad. Really, for $70, shouldn't we expect more?

  2. Good to see you on here, Mark.

    Yes, when I saw these, I thought for sure you wouldn't like them. ;) I did notice that the platinum doll seems to have different eyes--like she's almost looking up--but who knows what the actual doll will look like. And maybe with the ponytail taken out--and easy fix--the dolls will have nice long straight hair. (I do like the vampire doll--I think she'd make a great Anne Boleyn!)

    Also, the UB dolls still don't have shoes, and it irks me a bit that they used to be $39.99 when they first came out. Sure, their hair was a little shorter. But they are increasing in price.

  3. I don't dislike them, I'm just disappointed. I expect more as I'm a Tonner-only collector, as you know. I'd love a doll with ultra pale skin. Check out the comments and pix I posted in the Ultra-basic Tyler thread on my forum for some ideas I had along with some pix of custom dolls that illustrate my desires.

  4. I admit I really understand modern blogging, but for all the digital and to me, ephemeral,go here go there stay-in-touch google that twitter this yahoo feed ,etc., for all the followers listed, there doesn't seem to be much real interaction in the blog format. It's a great doll magazine, it really is, as well as a nearly live stream of the owner's thoughts on any subject doll or fashion or whatever-related--I understand the coolness factor. But how does one just talk to other humans here? Or is that really not the point? I'm just an old guy who collects dolls, should I give up trying to figure out the blogosphere??

  5. You're very right--a blog is more of a short, online magazine, a less formal way for an author (or group of contributors) to inform readers of what's new or different in a particular area, or of their opinions on a particular niche market or subject. You get a little interaction with comments, but really--for personal interaction, boards and forums (or places like Facebook and My Space) are much better.

    Honestly, "human" interaction for me is more authentic in person, since it's quite a bit easier to flame and say mean or negative things online than it is to someone's face, though that happens in doll groups, too. But then, you'd have to find a group in your area with dolls and styles that interest you, which may be hard to come by, too. :)

  6. Okay, well, now I know. BTW, I most certainly hope you didn't construe anything I said as mean or negative!!!


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