Sunday, October 10, 2010

Freeque brand clothing's arrival

It's been several months since I pre-ordered the Freeque brand clothing off of BIC's site.  This is a new brand that she is showcasing on her site and they finally arrived yesterday.  I ordered 3 pieces to see how the quality was.  I must admit that I am VERY impressed!  The little leather jacket has all the right details and fits like a glove.  The striped jumper is cute with it's ribboned spaghetti straps and daisy chain belt and the rose patterned scarf is the perfect accessory for fall.  I would definitely recommend ordering more from them in the future since they are all sold out on the site right now.  I hope to see some more great pieces in the future from this line.

So here is Bergdorf Poppy modeling her new "Freeque" outfit.


  1. She's just gorgeous, Shug! The outfit is perfect for this Poppy, too. She's is so hip and elegant!

  2. I can't get over the detail on this jacket! Being a seamstress myself, I can appreciate how hard it is to sew something so tiny. Whatever they charge for this jacket - it's well worth it. :)


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