Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Alice Project, Day 32

Plush Alice doll by Cimmerii. She's just so sweet!
I bought this Alice from Cimmi Cumes, the artist who creates exclusive plushies and dolls at the website Cimmerii, where you can see more of her work. I think she's just adorable. The gallery hosted a Go Ask Alice show last year--an Alice-themed event, which I think was a fantastic idea. This doll was one of the show dolls. My girls trade off sleeping with this lovely girl.

Here she is in the group photo, where my own dolls are giving her some much deserved love.


  1. I ADORE her legs and feet! Whenever I get around to making another doll, I'm definitely going to make interestingly-shaped feet like this Alice!

  2. I love the group shot! It is great to see my alice is in such an amazing home!!


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