Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tron: Legacy - Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn, originally uploaded by alington.
My son Jake's toy, we found this guy at Target. It's from the new Tron Legacy film coming out this winter. It's a rather creepy action figure, if you ask me, but kind of cool:

He has a button on the side to turn him on, and his outfit lights up blue. Then, his face shield projects an image--two images, open mouth and closed mouth, actually--and he talks. He says different things. "I'm not a program." And so forth.

Oh. Did I mention he cost $15?

See more photos, including a full-length shot, on Flickr.

My kids have seen the original Tron, and they loved it, despite the lame-compared-to-today's-amazing-animation. They can't wait to see this one. (I can't either. I'm such a geek.)

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