Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chill Factor Dynamite Girls

Well, my girls finally arrived yesterday and I quickly whipped them out of their boxes and into the light to photograph.  All 3 girls are super cute, the clothing is very well made (jackets are lined and they have cute tiny button details!), the faux fur is nice and the mittens go on and off very easily.  The 3 girls in this collection are (L-R) Aria, Eltin and Neve (new character). 

If you've never bought a Dynamite Girl before, these might be the ones to start with!  They also come with a new stand that you can use as a straddle stand or the kind that fits up under the armpits.  This is a welome change to the old stands.  Plus these girls have the new knees, which makes them a tad taller than they were previously, so they needed some upgraded stands.


  1. Adorable! I couldn't choose just one. I feel like I need them all now. Poop! I love Neve--I hope we see her again soon! <3 all the outfits, too.

  2. There's something so ironic about a super-tanned girl (Aria, specifically) wearing winter clothes...but she's so adorable, why not?!

  3. Wow. These are beautiful. I might just "need" to add a few Dynamite Girls to my collection. Are they the same price as previous Dynamite Girls?

  4. This collection cost a little more. They retailed for $54 each. They are worth it though!


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