Friday, October 8, 2010

The Alice Project, Day 18

Planetdoll Emma as a Victorian Alice.
My daughter Lauren's first BJD was offered for the Alice Project, so I felt like I should use her as well. (Lauren helped with the apron, so we're using it for "authenticity.") This is a normal skin MSD-sized Planetdoll Emma. Face up is by me. She's wearing a Hope wig by Monique Gold and is dressed in a DeeAnna Denton outfit by Tonner Doll. You can see another photo of her on Flickr.

I think I'll add a little blurb here on children and doll collecting.

As you may have noticed, my dolls are not usually in pristine order. I'm a mother of four, and nothing in my house is pristine anymore. (My mother assures me it will be again someday--and hers is, but I don't enjoy cleaning like she does!) My own dolls get regular play (is that bad grammar?): I love styling and playing with them, changing their wigs and eyes, painting them (well, I have body blushing down--face-ups, not so much), and "designing" for them.

Additionally, it's important to me that children grow up with a love of art--making it and enjoying it--and it doesn't have to be dolls. Whether they love to paint, draw, sculpt, design, sew, craft or play an instrument--it's welcome here. I try to encourage the girls to get involved with their own dolls, when they are in the mood, and before they decide it's not cool to hang around Mom anymore.

Lauren saved (and saved and saved) her allowance and some bonus money she wheedled out of Dad for this nude and unpainted Planetdoll (which an excellent quality for their price), and she adores her. We looked to see what her money would buy, and this is what she chose. Lauren is young--and yes, it kills me when she "borrows" my wigs without asking, or I see her brushing her own too hard, or, worse, see her resin doll lying around on the floor. But I try not to nag. I've rescued her a few times. And I did panic a little after her second face-up, when Lauren had drawn on her body with pencil. (It comes right off with Magic Eraser--so my panic was unnecessary.) I have to remember this is not my doll. Now, I'd love my own Planetdoll. (I think Riz, the half-eye version or maybe the regular version.)

At any rate, our Alice group is getting more crowded each day, and so far, my husband hasn't said anything about the Alices sitting around on the hearth. But the girl next door was quite impressed when she came to play yesterday! (By the way--you can click on the photos to make them larger.)


  1. I am really enjoying your Alice project. It has been inspiring seeing all the different interpretations of the same character. I have been following along and felt compelled to comment by your daughter's Planet Doll Emma. I adore Planet Doll! I have 6, 2 MSDs and 4 minis. I carry one of my minis with me daily and find them to be very sturdy little dolls. I love the fact that if the setting is right you can't tell that their minis are tinies. They look just like the MSD size. Best of all, no two PDs look the same.

  2. Oh, thank you! :)

    And 6?? That's awesome! Are you on Flickr?

    I've seriously been considering a tiny size--I keep ogling their photos on Flickr, and they look absolutely amazing. I just love their bodies--they are so sturdy and life-like--and they really remind me of my girls. Pouty instead of normal faced. (My girls don't intentionally pout--their lips just have always turned down. It's cute!)


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