Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 Ways to subtly hint to your significant other that you'd like dolls for the holidays.

Peak's Woods Yulli. Photo property of Peak's Woods.
At one of our recent doll meets, I heard one of our regular attendees talking about how her husband had purchased her a particular doll--while it was on sale, even--as a birthday gift for her. Naturally, we were curious, and that has lead to today's top ten list.
  1. Open your web browser to the corresponding doll page during the promotional period, and walk away from the computer. Pointing your browser to the actual doll you'd like isn't a bad idea, either. Then casually remark, "Gee, honey, such-and-such is having a terrific sale today on this doll I've always wanted. It's nearly XX% off! It would make such a great birthday/anniversary/insert-your-holiday gift this year!"
  2. Does your doll dealer know you on a first name basis? (Oh, come on. I can't be the only one!) You might suggest she or he might send your significant other a short email message with gift suggestions.
  3. If that doesn't work, you might want to email him yourself.
  4. Talk enthusiastically about what you enjoy most about your collection, and specifically, what you'd like to add. For example, "Oh, Peak's Woods has had this wonderful sculpt in their line for a while, and I've been wanting to add her to my collection forever! She looks like a sister to my other girls, but she has an open-mouth sculpt, and she's just so lovely. And they often take a long time to order. Her name is Yulli--she's the model on a bunch of the wigs on their website. I think she's so sweet.... Do you have something in mind already for my birthday?"
  5. Make a Wish list on Amazon.com--they actually have a lot of dolls now! Froogle.com is another easy way to make a wish list as well. (Ask your other dealers if they will do a wish list for you as well, if you provide them with a list of your dream dolls and email addresses.)
  6. Don't forget to keep mentioning what you'd like for your birthday or the holidays. I can't state how important this is.
  7. Leave magazine clippings or catalog clippings of your grail dolls around the house, with a website link attached (handwritten, if must be).
  8. My experience--ask and you shall receive. So if you ask for a $20 doll, that's what he'll think you want. In my opinion, you should aim high. And have a variety of priced dolls and accessories on your list, just in case.
  9. Turn up the sweet factor. Clean up a little more, make his favorite foods, bat your eyelashes, hand over the remote more readily than usual--and since my daughter reads this blog, I'll stop right there. ;)
  10. Finally, comment on this blog (I'll be posting a wish list article soon) or post your wish list somewhere else online (Facebook is great, too), and make sure he sees it. Or just go for cash. That's a good alternative. (Honey, are you reading this post? I have to check sometimes, you know.)


  1. Does this mean you'll see through all my conniving little tricks, dear? ;) xxxooo


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