Sunday, December 7, 2014

IT Update - shipping and more

Edge, Vanessa Perrin
Ombres Poetique, Mademoiselle Jolie
Integrity has announced the approximate shipping times of several dolls (better for budgeting, I guess--especially over the holidays):

Edge, Vanessa Perrin: week of December 15, 2105

Ombres Poetique, Mademoiselle Jolie: week of January 5, 2015

Nicely, IT will be offering combined shipping for those of members who have ordered both dolls.

Jem an the Holograms fans, be on the lookout for the 30th anniversary celebration of Jem in 2015. Members were offered a sneak peek of one of the first dolls to be offered in this line (she can't be ordered yet--more info will be coming soon). The hint, for you collectors, is that, "We hear she's pretty good at conducting interviews and has her own hit Rock TV show."

I'm just going to say it--I'm shocked to hear that Jem is turning 30--I thought she was much younger than that! I didn't grow up in the US, and I'm not familiar with this doll from my youth, though I remember seeing the dolls on return visits to my grandparents and family. I had no idea I was 12 when she was released! I guess I probably was a little beyond cartoons at that point--though I still loved Barbies!

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