Sunday, December 7, 2014

New FR: Nippon from Integrity Toys!

I'm personally rather thrilled to announce two new additions to Integrity's FR:Nippon line--these girls go on sale December 9, 2014 at the FR:Nippon site. This is on Tokyo Time, so keep this time difference in mind.

The dolls are limited to just 300 each, retail for 17,000 Japanese Yen (about $140 plus shipping), and to order, you'll want to email Chiaki, whose email will be listed on the website. (For other IT collectors--these girls share the same body as Poppy Parker.)

Above, it's Darling Girl Misaki. She's an adorable brunette with rooted eyelashes and blue eyes. She will ship next week (the week of December 15). She's dressed in a rather fantastic striped chiffon dress, lace-trimmed coat, tights, red shoes, bag and silver hoop earrings.

Party Girl Amelie also makes an appearance with her friend Misaki. She's got auburn hair, and green eyes with rooted lashes. She's wearing faux leather shorts over fishnets, a turtleneck sweater neck under a cute patterned jacket, and has a nice purse, boots and silver earrings.

She too is available to preorder (probably later today) and will ship December 15.


  1. Very nice dolls. Thanks much for the heads up!

  2. I'm I N L O V E with both girls...Sigh...


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