Monday, February 7, 2011

BJDs for sale...

Fei as a redhead, originally uploaded by alington.
Please check out the listings of BJDs I have for sale on the DollPage, and help me to revamp my collection, while at the same time, revamping yours!

I have some special sleeping faces on there, ready for you to snap up, just in case you need them, too.

All my listings are also on Den of Angels, and I've also got some dolls I'm looking to trade, as well. Send me a message if you have any questions (through the DollPage or Den of Angels).

I should mention here... and brag a little--what do you think of Fei's face-up? It's newly enhanced by yours truly! I love Resinsoul's eye brows, but their face-ups are a bit blah. I added a bunch more gray and some lavender and purple to Fei, for a bit more glam. Plus, I gave her some more blush and pinked up her lips a bit more.


  1. Fei is gorgeous -- those colors are luscious. RS and Bbb faceups seem to be all greyish, and you've added real life and bloom to this girl.


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