Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss Revlon in Moxie Teen

Miss Revlon in Moxie Teen, originally uploaded by alington.
Miss Revlon tries on a Moxie Teen outfit. It's a bit snug in the bust, but it still fits (barely). The velcro (not my favorite closure method) does not close all the way in the back.

With the jacket over the top, you don't notice the poor fit in the back. Plus you have some extra jacket coverage in the front for any sudden wardrobe malfunctions.

The shoes are a not quite right--the arch is a bit different and a bit big, but they work in a pinch. The gold belt and jewelry is from Shimmering crush.

All in all, I think this Moxie Teen outfit isn't bad for her size. At $9.99 from Target, you really can't go wrong. It's pretty cute. And also, she looks great in fuchsia!

More photos on Flickr. She's really a fun size--a little taller than Barbie, proportioned like Antoinette. And she hunches like Antoinette, too. She's adorable.

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