Saturday, February 12, 2011

New items from Wilde Imagination‏, plus free shipping promo code

Tears of Endearment, Photo Property of Wilde Imagination
Wilde Imagination has added a few new dolls, outfits and accessories to its website. You'll find one new basic doll, Feeling Drained; two new dressed dolls, Tears of Endearment and Wit's End; and three new outfits, Stolen Moments, Ties That Bind, and Fur Real. Plus, don't forget to check out the new cat carrier, listed under accessories. (After all, what doll is complete without a carrier for their kitty, right?)
When you checkout, enter promo code SPRING11 to receive FREE shipping on your order of $75 or more. (Or, if you are an international customer, use promo code SPRINT11INT to save $9.95 on orders of $75 or more.) This code is valid until February 28th at midnight.


  1. A cat carrier? Oh my!

    I am in love with Wit's End and Tears of Endearment. These two girls are simply lovely.

  2. WI will not rest until they have all my money....good job of it so far. ;D

  3. the cat carrier isn't new, it has been there for very long... the other new items are great, but I'll wait and see them in Paris next month before I decide to buy any. Need to save up some funds first too ;)


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