Monday, February 14, 2011

Some more dolls have to go!

Mademoiselle a la Mode Tyler
I have a couple of dolls up for auction on eBay--you should go check them out. A few of these dolls are fairly rare and hard to find, so if they are up your alley, please go bid on them!

A note here: I am actually using a consignment service through Kathie, one of our fellow bloggers. For a small commission, she will auction off your items, pack and ship them, without you having to deal with any hassle at all. According to my calculations--from what I pay in listing fees and Paypal fees, her service charge is pretty close to what I end up paying, plus the time it takes me to do all the work is immeasurable. I'd highly recommend her!

The hard to find items:

Mademoiselle a la Mode Tyler - The was a 2008 Paris Fashion Doll Festival exclusive, limited to 100 dolls, and includes a huge celedon historical gown.

Madame et le Citron Sydney - from the Tonner Collectors Convention last year, a reimagined boudoir Rococo inspired doll with glorious raven hair and a fun yellow gown.

Then, a few more fun dolls and an outfit:

Galadriel, Lady of Light - the new Cate Blanchett sculpt, and you've seen my real-life photos of this doll. Read her review here.

Frivolous Antoinette outfit - a fun pink layered-looking cocktail dress, necklace, black tights, shoes, and wrist tie starting at just $45.

Dollzone Melin sleepy BJD - if you're looking for your first Asian BJD, consider this girl. She includes everything you need to get started: a face-up and eyes, a wig, and an outfit. She can wear some DeeAnna Denton outfits, and a size 7/8 wig. She's been sueded and blushed, and she poses like a dream. And her starting bid price is only $249.99, with a low BIN of $299.99.

And while you're there, don't forget to check out this fabulous

Vintage Ponytail Barbie #3, blonde - She's in excellent condition, with professional repainted brows and lips. OK--so maybe I should have asked about a trade... LOL!

Oh my--a near-mint TNT Julia with perfect hair, no oxidizing. She's just gorgeous.

Plus, how cute is this? A Me 'N My Doll mini Barbie doll. I want!

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  1. I'd love to get Mademoiselle a la Mode Tyler but can't bid on ebay. Hope she goes to a good home^_^



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