Friday, February 18, 2011

OOAK Fashion Doll Series: Francie by Laurie Everton

This Francie doll has had her hair and eyelashes rerooted in jet-black katsilk saran hair and her face paint redone by Laurie Everton. I love her red lips and dark hair as these colors were never available with the original Francie doll.  Her light blue floral print dress with lace trim is by jennygrey. Her fashion is completed by white mod hard low heels.


  1. She's gorgeous! I have one that's also by Laurie Everton, though my doll is not in such a great condition to begin with. Laurie's awesome at repainting Francies and giving them a lift!

  2. Yes, and her repaint "celebrity" dolls are wonderful, too!

  3. She's gorgeous. I'd definitely buy her if she ever came in that colouring.


  4. She is beautiful, Kathie! I just love her fashion! VERY retro! I'd buy her in a heartbeat! Lorrie


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