Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Impatient Doll Collector

Peak's Woods LE tan Briana.

I’m one of those collectors: the impatient kind. Spring is the hardest season, even considering my eclectic collection. If waiting for a doll's arrival is difficult, this post is for you.

Not my friends:

Pre-orders. I hate long lead-times for dolls. Most dolls are manufactured overseas, and it helps dealers to know how many to order. But really--is nine months necessary?

Date postponements. You manufacturers know who you are! If you promise a doll (or preview a doll) and either list a date as “to be determined” or just keep postponing it, it’s frustrating!

When all my dolls ship during the same month. I love getting dolls in the mail. But $1000 worth of dolls in one month might raise a flag in the usually friendly relationship I have with my husband. Couldn’t you manufacturers time your releases with new Apple product releases?

My friends:

Lay-away. If I’m waiting months for a doll anyway, why not distribute the cost over that time? Thanks to my dealers who offer this option!

In-stock dolls. Especially when dealers stock ball-jointed dolls. These are expensive with lots of options, so I understand why they are sold as preorders. But oh, do I adore you when you keep them in stock!

Secondary market dolls. DollPage, message board, and eBay sales--it doesn’t matter. If the doll is in half-way decent condition, and can get into my hands in less than a week, I’m a happy camper.

Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and go for instant gratification: buying a wig or an in-stock outfit while you’re waiting is just the retail therapy the impatient doll collector needs. Good luck!


  1. I love dealers that offer lay-away! I'm always so impatient waiting for the new dolls to come out. My impatience often leads to me making rash decisions which I regret later. Patience is the key!


  2. are there actually "patient" doll collectors out there?! i can't imagine!

    alison, i love your classification under "not my friends" & "friends"...well put. :)

  3. Doll_Minded--thanks for your Twitter link! You've got a new follower! :)

    And oh--only if doll collectors and patience went together naturally! :)


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