Thursday, February 3, 2011

New promo photos of Gowns by Anne Harper Collection by Tonner Doll

Check out the following updates to the Gowns by Anne Harper Collection by Tonner Doll. Oh me, oh my--I'm in deep trouble! (For those of you who passed on these during last year's release, they are really top notch.)
Red, White and You Carol Barrie.
She reminds me of a less cheerful Betty Ann, from the Brenda Starr collection.

Feather in Her Hat Ann Harper.
I wonder if this was the best pose they could come up with. But the outfit is great.

All About Carol Outfit Only.
I don't think the wig is included, but wow--what a dress! I love that plaid bow!
All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company. For more information and other photos, check out Tonner Doll Company's page.


  1. The Carol Barrie and Anne Harper range of clothing is fabulous, as are the hairstyles. Exactly the kind of vintage doll I'm interested in ...EXCEPT they don't have very appealing faces, do they? Awfully haughty and unapproachable. What a shame. The 'cheerful' Betty Ann is one of my favourite 'vintage' dolls, (as is Tess Trueheart)and these new releases, sadly, just don't measure up!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jannert. I think I might agree--with the exception of the Friday Foster sculpt that was reused for Diane Evans. I think she is adorable.

    You might consider visiting a dealer like Dreamcastle Dolls if you're interested in just the outfits these 1940s ladies are wearing. Carol does splits, even on pre-orders, so you can order just the outfit (or just the doll) if you're interested. And her prices are really good, too.


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