Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sticking to your budget during IDEX and Toyfair new releases...

While downloading my bank’s activity this morning, a transaction from my regular doll dealer appeared. Quicken helpfully asked, “Would you like to make this a recurring transaction?”

Hell no! And please don’t make this suggestion to my husband next time he’s reconciling our checking account!

It’s that time of year again--newly released dolls at IDEX and Toyfair always tempt me. Consider these dos and don’ts when adding to your collection:

  • Make wish lists and budget accordingly. Planning for anticipated arrivals is an exciting part of collecting. 
  • Take advantage of doll dealers' layaway plans, especially on pre-orders. 
  • Shop for previous years’ dolls, also--you may find them for a great sale price! 
  • Consider splits (just the doll or outfit), or new wigs or face-ups for dolls you already have in your collection, if your budget is limited. 
  • Enjoy the dolls you have! Rotate the dolls in your collection. If you redress your dolls or restyle hair, now is the perfect time. Take photos and play with your current collection. Upload then to Flickr or another website, and post your link here. I'd love to see your collection!
  • Spend too much time at photo sites like Flickr, or photo-heavy forums like Prego. These sites are the worst enablers of all! Seeing real-life photos of my dream dolls is the death of my budget. 
  • Feel like you have to add an entire line of dolls to your collection all at once. Go slowly and carefully, considering how each will fit with your theme. 
  • Be rash in adding many dolls to your collection at once. I’m a sucker for pretty faces or good deals. Often saving for the one more expensive doll you really love is a wiser choice than five dolls you only sort of like.
That being said, I did see and get to play with a Miss Revlon doll (Tonner's new 13" size) at a doll meet this month. Needless to say, I now own one. It's so much easier to give advice than to follow it! 


  1. My first bjd has not even arrived and I'm already thinking of buying a second one. I need to stop!

  2. does quicken know you, or what?! :)


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