Sunday, February 27, 2011

FR: The New Close-Ups

Pre-ordering begins Wednesday March 2nd
**photos are property of Integrity Toys**

All dolls will retail for $110

L-R are as follows:
Breaking The Mold Veronique (600 dolls)
Dress Code Vanessa (600 dolls) *new face!*
Easy Elegance Korinne (500 dolls) *new character!*
Porcelain Beauty Kesenia (400 dolls)
Pencil Me In Eugenia (600 dolls)
High Brow Adele (400 dolls)
Scene Stealer Isha (400 dolls)

Note: All production FR dolls will have applied eye lashes.

High Brow Adele
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Pencil Me In Eugenia
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Scene Stealer Isha
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Porcelain Beauty Kesenia
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Easy Elegance Korinne
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Breaking The Mold Véronique
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Dress Code Vanessa
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011


  1. Isha is beautiful but she looks like a previous Monogram. I'll be getting Veronique though, nice face-up.

    When will these doll be releases? Summer 2011?


  2. Vero is on my list, too.

    You can pre-order them starting Wednesday, March 2. Let me go back through and add estimate shipping dates to these posts, too!


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