Thursday, February 3, 2011

New dolls at Barbie Collector

Of course, now that I'm rearranging my collection, I had to check out the dolls over at BarbieCollector. Forgive me for being out of the Barbie loop for a while, but I've "noticed" the following dolls are now in stock:
  • Reba McEntire - a fiery red head in a pretty red velvet dress accented with gold glitter, Pink Label, retail $34.95. 
  • Sydney Opera House - from the Dolls of the World Collection, Pink Label, $34.95. I saw this girl at my local Target, and she is absolutely stunning in person, cupcake molding and all.
  • Jane, from the Twilight Saga Eclipse - also a pink label, retail only $24.95. I haven't seen her in person yet, but I just can't wait. I love her outfit.
  • My Favorite Ken - this vintage reproduction retails at $39.95 and includes a flocked hair Ken in his swim trunks, plus includes a reproduction fashion, #1411 Victory Dance.
And I know, lots of collectors hate the apparel, but I happen to like it. I love the new shirts. Check them out here. Plus, they have a few of their upcoming dolls posted as well.

Ugh--and the sales. Don't forget the sales. One I see calling to me is the Byron Lars Ayako Jones doll--this line has never disappointed me in person. Look at her shoes!

I must stop looking at those Silkstones, darn it. I just accidentally bought another one. (How does that keep happening, with me reorganizing my collection and all? And no, I didn't say, 'darn it.')


  1. You "accidentally" bought a Silkstone! I thought that only happened to me :) Seriously, have you seen their upcoming Russian line (includes the club doll)? They are to die for.

  2. I did--at a doll show. I couldn't help myself. She was such a good price, and I got to touch her! :) And now, they are mysteriously multiplying. I just don't get it! (So glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem.)

    And those Russian dolls--oh my! I'm just trying not to look. Well. That's not 100% truthful, I suppose. :) I have to look--for the blog, of course!


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