Friday, February 4, 2011

New Tonner promo photo...

I missed this new Tonner promo photo during my last update yesterday. While Bette wasn't my favorite sculpt, I have to say, this version of her really has me intrigued!

Stardust, Bette Davis™ dressed doll
But again, I'm a sucker for lavender.

Were any of you at IDEX, and did any of you happen to see her in real life? What did you think? Was her jaw line too heavy?


  1. I wonder why Tonner has concentrated on both Bette & Joan from their earlier (and lesser known) years? Doesn't seem to make much sense financially, when a "Mildred Pierce" or "Now Voyager" doll would probably sell much better.

  2. I kind of wondered the same thing. Though--I happened to notice that most of the Bette Davis dolls on the Tonner site are sold out from prior years, shockingly.

  3. Still, the Joan Crawford doll, the "Devil in White" is drop-dead gorgeous and I don't collect Tonner dolls. I am very tempted.

  4. She is! They did an excellent job on her promotional photo, too!


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