Saturday, February 12, 2011

10th Anniversary Tribute Silkstone

She arrived yesterday, mysteriously in a box. And she's gorgeous. I adore her. This is the Silkstone I "accidentally" ordered.

Her face seems rounder than some Silkstones. Her hair is an absolutely fan-tab-ulous updo. Her dress--gorgeous chiffon and satin, with elegant gold embroidery with pink and iridescent sequin accents.

Her slate blue spikes have a hard time staying on her feet. And since I'm new to these dolls, can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong with their stands? Is it me? Is it Mattel?

I love her facial screening, in spite of the chunky glitter. Normally I can't stand chunky glitter (I love shimmer and shine, but not glitter!), but for some reason, her pale lips balance out the near excessive glitter on her lids.

See the rest of her photo shoot on Flickr. And see her dress fabric as the current background (at the time of this post, anyway) of our blog. It looks almost Rococo when tiled.


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  2. Alison, you are not doing anything wrong with the stands. The silkstone stands are always a bit "wobbly". The vinyl-coated Kaiser stands are very stable but are clunky looking and are not good for photographing your dolls. You might want to try some MAD doll stands and see how you like those. By the way, I love the use of the fabric for the FDR background-very pretty.


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