Friday, February 25, 2011

Carol Roth doll arrives

Carol Roth (affectionately known as CJ on the WClub board) and her company created WClub and currently run it. CJ can also be seen hosting the FR Convention each year alongside Alain, and she has recently published a book called “The Entrepreneur Equation” (website here: This special edition doll is to promote her new book and WClub members got a first chance to obtain this doll.

The doll uses the Anja facemold and comes on a NF body. She comes with pink “leather” shoes, black “snakeskin” handbag, bangle bracelet and a miniature version of CJ’s book “The Entrepreneur Equation.” She arrived today, and I took some quick pictures in the midst of cooking.


  1. Mine arrived yesterday, too. I think she's super cute--she's my first Anya sculpt, and she's smiling! I <3 her! :)

  2. Hi,

    This doll is created in Carol’s likeness, wearing the same black sheath dress and pink leather heels and it is 1:6 scale doll, also includes a bangle bracelet, black leather bag and a paper miniature of the book. Thanks a lot...

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