Monday, August 4, 2008

My Sydney Grails

Every doll collector has to have a few grail dolls on her list. The "grail" requirements are that the doll:
  1. is hard to find.
  2. is expensive.
  3. would fit into your collection perfectly.
While poking around on Tonner's archives, I found a few Sydney dolls I consider grails. Here they are:

Sleeping Beauty Set
She was a special edition from the 2006 IDEX show. It doesn't say on Tonner's site how many of these were actually made--but I have never seen one for sale. Isn't she gorgeous? She would fit in with the Blue Fairy and White Witch I have in my fantasy collection.

Stroke of Midnight
From the 2005 Modern Doll Collectors convention, I may have seen this doll for sale on Ebay at one point. Convention dolls are always listed for a lot of money--since collectors often try to earn back convention fees. This Sydney/Cinderella would also fit perfectly in my fantasy collection.

Titania Sydney
She was limited to 300, this doll occasionally shows up for sale on Ebay as well--never in my price range. She's a Modern Doll Collectors convention doll from 2004.

Sydney of the Seasons #1 - Autumn Sonata
From 2005, this doll is from the UFDC National Convention, limited to 350. I love her chic short hair! The elegant draping of her chiffon gown would fit in nicely with my more modern dolls, such as Dreams.
Haute Coleures Sydney
Limited to 200, this doll if from the 2006 Paris Fashion Doll Festival. She would also fit right in with the Dreams doll (as well as Autumn Sonata). I've seen both of these dolls for sale at the Doll Peddlar, though not exactly at prices I want to pay!

Sydney DecoDance
This special edition doll was created for the Rosalie Whyel Museum. She'd fit in with my historical dolls. I just think she's gorgeous!
Update: August 2008: Sydney made her way into my collection, directly from the Rosalie Whyel Museum. I figured her cost was a donation to a good cause--to the museum.

La Belle Mademoiselle
This doll was produced for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in 2008. She was a limited edition of only 100 pieces. I'm sure you can see why she's on my my grails list. She also has a companion Tyler doll (Mademoiselle a la Mode) who would also love a home with my dolls!
Update: September 30, 2008: She's been added to my collection. I found her for way less than that price directly from the Doll Expo in France. She's even more gorgeous in person.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

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