Friday, August 1, 2008

Preview: Fall/Holiday Collection from Tonner Doll Company

Be sure to check out the preview of the new Tonner Doll Fall/Holiday collection, now posted on My wishlist is quickly outstripping my budget, but I will add a few of my new favorites here:
  • Tyler Wentworth: Pulp Fiction (Sydney with short raven hair), Sun-Kissed Sophisticate (Shauna/Queen of Hearts sculpt--love this doll), Crimson on the Park (brunette (updated) Tyler sculpt), Belladonna (Sydney).
  • Wizard of Oz: Dance of the Witch and Glinda En Point (two new ballerina, en-point dolls), Witchcraft (Miss Gulch), Goodness and Gossamer (Glinda--she will be joining my collection), Winkie Guard (new sculpt)
  • The Devereaux Sisters: exclusive to TonnerDirect, they will be released in the Tonner Company store on August 9. Gorgeous 1920s flapper sisters, check them out online.
  • Joan Crawford: An amazing likeness! A basic brunette doll, platinum dressed doll, two red-haired dressed dolls, and two gorgeous outfits are available.
  • Agnes Dreary: Sister Dreary Mistletoe Mishap (I hope I can get my hands on this doll), Viktor in Scary Christmas and Agnes in Naughty or Nice
  • The Regina Collection: Opulent Affair (Jac sculpt) and Orchestral Opening (blonde Angelina)
  • Alice in Wonderland: Raven Queen of Hearts with the King of Hearts, adorable Winter Wonderland Alice
  • Re-Imagination: Cynders, Cinderella reimagined (Renee Devereaux sculpt with platinum hair), Mummy Dearest (Supergirl with auburn/white hair)
  • The Snow Queen: Another new line based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, there's a brand new sculpt for the Snow Queen, and two 12" tall children, Kai and Gerda (I'm not sure if Gerda is a new sculpt--she looks a bit like a brunette Alice to me).
  • New York City Ballet: Snowflake (auburn Emilie head sculpt) and Marie (12" Alice head sculpt)
Other dolls of interest:
  • American Models: Basic African-American and Raven, plus La Belle Francaise (red hair) and Chambord (blonde)
  • Friday Foster: A new line based on the 1970s comic strip, and finally a new African-American sculpt: Tonner offers a basic version, two dressed dolls and two funky outfits to start your collection. I love the look (and the patent leather boots) of Thank God It's Friday.
  • Dick Tracy: Dick Tracy (new sculpt, 17", molded hair), Breathless, Tess (both new sculpts) in basic and dressed versions.
  • DC Stars: new additions include Superman, Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman, exclusive to Tonner Direct and available now), and the Black Canary (blonde Tess sculpt)
My personal favorites:
From the Tyler Wentworth collection, I particularly love Sun-kissed (shown above in yellow). Her hair is razor-cut saffron; there's a close-up on the Tonner Doll website. This is the Queen of Hearts sculpt: a mature sculpt, which I just love. I was also delighted to see the new Tyler with brunette hair and blue eyes, which is a hard combination to find. And of course, Sydney is always lovely.
From the Wizard of Oz line, I don't own any Glindas yet, and as much as I've been wanting the Blue Skies Glinda, I think Goodness and Gossamer will be making her arrival into my collection upon her release.
I love Tonner's new historical lines, if I can call them that, with the Devereaux Sisters and Joan Crawford. Since I already have some historical dolls, I'm sure these ladies will find it cozy at my house as well. For the first time, I'm also finding myself intrigued by Mistletoe Mishap (Sister Dreary)--be sure to click on her picture to see the pleating detail of her gown.
Along those same gothic lines... the Snow Queen and Cynders have also both captured my attention from the Re-Imagination line. I just love the details and goth look of their outfits.
I'd love to read your comments, which are your favorites or on your wish list?
Enjoy your shopping--many doll shops are accepting pre-orders already. I give Dreamcastle Dolls an A+ for both customer service and prices--plus, if you like a doll but not the outfit (or the outfit and not the doll) she will offer splits on most dolls as well. It's a great deal all around.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.


  1. Oh, IMO, Joan Crawford Collection is amazing. Wonderful likeness. I adore the actress and fond of Golden Age of Hollywood, so I'll buy Hollywood Starlet ASAP. Sisters Dreary - very interesting project, stylish dolls and outfits. Oz collection is a little bit odd one, but I find it interesting. But I'm totally disappointed with the new Tyler Wentworth collection. These dolls (except Shauna) seem to be witches - very dark and heavy make-up, plain outfits... For me this collection is a faillure.

  2. Thanks for your comments--I love the new Joan Crawford collection as well. And I'm intrigued by the WOZ collection also.

    I have to say--I like the new Tyler Wentworth line, but am feeling like they are needing to add something else. I love Shauna--her hair, her pleated dress, everything. And I'm am thrilled with the brunette, blue-eyed Tyler (finally) in Crimson on the Park. I am surprised to only see four dolls, though, and I would like to see them in person!

    Did you see the new boutique line added to the Tonner blog at the debut of the Devereux Sisters? Cute floral separates on the new Tonner BJDs.


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