Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Devereaux Sisters are here!

Available now, exclusively from Tonner Direct, the Devereux Sisters have made their debut. Two basic dolls (open editions), Louise and Renée, both new sculpts, are ready to show off the best of 1920s flapper fashion. Three complete outfits are available to purchase now, with one more coming in mid-September. The outfits are limited editions of 250 pieces. Basic Louise is modeling Song of the Evening in mauve, shown on the right. Two gorgeous dressed dolls are also available, limited editions of 500. Renée is shown below with platinum hair, dressed in elegant black lace and chiffon.

If you love this collection, you can order the Ultimate Devereaux Sisters Collection, the complete line for $679.99, for a savings of $120.

These dolls feature the smaller bustline of the New York City Ballet collection, Euphemia and Sayuri, so they may not be able to share Tyler Wentworth's clothing.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

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