Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Administrative Updates

First, welcome to my new followers! It seems we've finally hit over 100 followers to 101. I couldn't be more pleased! Thanks so much.

Second, if you're a fan of 11-12" fashion dolls, including Barbie and friends, Fashion Royalty, ITBE, FR Nippon, Poppy Parker, Monograms, and other fashion dolls, check out The Barbie Queue blog. It's another site dedicated to my more recent pursuit of smaller fashion dolls and growing collection.

Third, if you're a Twitter fan, please follow me on Twitter. I don't post a lot--mostly doll-related tweets and retweets, as well as notification of new posts on this blog and The Barbie Queue.

Fourth, you may have noticed I changed the layout of my blogs, hoping they will be less cluttered and more readable. If you don't like it, please leave me a comment. 

Finally, if there is a topic you think is relevant that you'd like me to discuss or research, please comment on this post as well. 

I know my blog tends to be mostly neutral, which I realize may be bland to some readers. However, I feel like there are many blogs out there already which are full of opinion and are rather heavy-handed. My motto is: Don't write anything on my blog that I wouldn't tell the doll artist to his or her face. My reason: I have four young children, two of whom regularly check out my blog posts, and I would hate for them to see me trash talking (which is way too easy for me to do, even accidentally, while online). I am trying to teach my kids that the Internet is a permanent record: even if you delete the post, it will be on someone's system forever. So always be careful of what you write. 

I'm such a pushover sometimes. I know. Do I always practice what I teach my kids? I didn't when I was younger, and I haven't always. But I know that I'm happier when I do, and I think it's good when kids can learn from someone else's mistakes, rather than having to make them on their own.


  1. I like the new look. It's easier to read.


  2. Thank you. I noticed it's taking longer to load today than usual.


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