Thursday, May 6, 2010

New contest at Peak's Woods!

In addition to the launch of their new doll, the first 10 people who order Briana from Peak's Woods will be given a free face-up (your choice of Sweet Milk or Sweet Dark).

Plus, there is a photo contest in celebration of the new release of Briana. If you have a Peak's Woods doll, you can participate. Take up to two of your best photos of your Peak's Woods dolls and post them in the Photo Gallery. They will judge the photos, and the winner of the contest will receive... a free Briana with face-up! Wow! You must post your photos between May 8-31.  The winner will be announced June 1.


  1. I joined a while back but there are no instructions to upload photos to the gallery... I see your Sky cutie in there, how did you upload the pic, please :o)

  2. Sure--First, click on Photo Galllery, then you click on the "+Write" link (in red at the lower right corner. That will bring up the form you need to fill out your photo.

    Enter your name and password (the password in case you need to edit your entry later), and select Open (Secret will just allow the administrator to see it). Add your email, the title of your photo, and then a description if you like.

    Attach the file, then enter the security code to verify that you're really a person. Then I think you click on List (but it might be OK--it's been a while).

    That's it!

  3. Thanks, I tried again this morning but I click list and it all disappears but my photo never shows up in the gallery... Maybe it's too big... wish they'd tell you what size they need!

  4. Sorry it took me so long. I just got a chance to upload my photos today.

    So--instead of +OK, I pressed +List. And my photos are 209 KB, if that helps. Pixels, this is 1280x852 (72 dpi); and 1280x1280 (270KB). Both in jpg format.

    Hope this helps a little?


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