Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Special Tutti Flowers exclusive from Jolly Plus and DollHeart

Expected delivery is May 2010 (that's still this month--I wonder if that's a typo), as far as I can see, this lovely 60cm (about 23.5") BJD is the second in a series of three collaborative projects between DollHeart and JollyPlus.
Like McQueen, Special Tutti Flowers is a limited edition of only 40 dolls, and she is a gorgeous full-set doll. She includes:

  • a 60cm female JollyPlus doll with face-up, normal skin.
  • a wig
  • 18mm blue glass eyes
  • a gorgeous cocktail gown
  • pink waist accessory
  • hair accessory
  • sparkling necklace
  • bracelet
  • silver bow-trimmed and beaded purse
  • beaded shoes (click the photo and it will enlarge--they are so much fun!)
She's just lovely. I think her retail price is around $685 (this is from the DollPeddlar, so you might want to check other DollHeart dealers which don't include quite so much shipping).

Photos property of JollyPlus and DollHeart.

1 comment:

  1. Is she beautiful and what an exquisite outfit!!!
    So Amazing to see!
    Thanks so much!
    Aquabluerose XX


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