Monday, September 15, 2014

New Azone outfits from DollHeart!

Dollheart fairies

My latest DollHeart order is here, and I'm very pleased with the outfits! Above, you can see Ainsel (left), modeled by Secret Wonderland Mia, and Iolanthe, modeled by Blueberry Holic Nightmare Aika.

Both outfits are really cute and well made--just like other tiny outfits by DollHeart. They have tiny lace wings pinned to their backs, too. Super cute! (It appears I have them wearing arm warmers, when they are really footless socks. Ooops.) My one complaint: Iolanthe's outer skirt was very, very snug on Aika's body--however, that might just be because of her older static body type. Perhaps the newer articulated Neemos have a slightly smaller waist.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

If you too are a Neemo fan, you may want to check out the other fashions available from DollHeart--several available for preorder, some are coming soon.

Above, it's The Moon Gabrielle, retail $44.90. This cute outfit includes a top, coat, a fur collar, pants, belt, hat, three pins, and a pair of checked socks.

The Moon Danielle is a coordinating outfit, also for $44.90. This set includes a shirt, suspender skirt, neck accessory, pin, hat, panties, and a pair of socks. You can purchase both of the above in a set, as well, with a retail of $84.90. (I'm trying not to think of which dolls I have that could wear these well...)

A second set of outfits has been previewed online, too. These lolita style outfits are really sweet and very "Sweets a la Mode," I think. Above, it's Strawberry Mint Cream Cake, price to be determined. The outfit includes a dress, apron, petticoat, panties, apron, beret, and socks. (Ack! Wouldn't the Little Witch of Flame Aika totally rock this outfit with her bright red hair?)

Chocolate Mint Cream Cake is another outfit previewed online (retail price is to be determined), and it's also adorable. It includes a dress, apron, petticoat, panties, apron, beret, and socks. I have to confess, the set of both tempts me mightily!

Finally, it's Moloko Plus, which looks like it will be debuted at the Osaka Dollism Plus--I'm hoping there will be a few leftover, which will be available online. The outfit includes a dress, panties, belt, hat, and pair of socks.

Before I finish this lengthy post, I'd like to point out that DollHeart is carrying shoes sized for Neemo, too. You can see them here, retail $19.90. They are really cute--with little bow details.


  1. Hi Alison! I see that a person now needs a recommendation for the Doll Page Show and Sell site, in order to register a new account. Could I get one from you, pretty please? :-)

    1. Hi Barb--have I bought or sold dolls from or to you? I'm having a hard time remembering. You can contact me via Flickr--it's the best way to contact me without having to post my email address online. :)


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