Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Sekiguchi Momoko: Some Cats!

Sekiguchi released some new Momoko recently and they are as cute as can be! 

The first two Momoko are called, "Dancing with Kittens."  There is a "sweet" version and a "clean" version.  "Sweet" has the darker hair and straw hat.  "Clean" has the black headband and lighter hair.  They both come with the same dress, socks, and shoes.  I would simply love to have lots of clothes in that cute kitty print.  The dolls themselves look suspiciously similar to other previously released Wake Up Momoko.  Each doll is 12,800 yen and will be released in September 2014.  Look for the dolls through your doll dealers who are likely taking preorders right now. 

It appears Sekiguchi is also releasing another Fan Vote Momoko, but in the Wake Up doll style with a simple one-piece outfit and no shoes.  She has cute wavy blonde hair and the rightward glance, which is becoming more and more common in Momoko lately.  She costs 7,000 yen and will be released at some point in September 2014.  She can likely be purchased through your preferred Momoko doll dealer as well.  

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Pictures courtesy of Sekiguchi.

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