Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New JAMIEshow dolls: Madrid Fashion Doll Convention exclusives

From the Madrid Fashion Doll Convention, there are several exclusive dolls available from JAMIEshow. The first, shown above, is a new 16" doll Sofia, in the Sasha skin tone, designed especially for the convention. She is a limited edition of only 50 dolls and retails for $475. A few dolls are available to ship on September 29, and the rest will ship in the beginning of October.

La Dolce Vita is dressed in a red carpet ready glittering black gown with stole, patent pumps, diamond hoop earrings and matching necklace, and miniature Oscar.

The second doll is the first dressed exclusive in the Demi Couture collection, on Millia De Oro. The doll is a 12" Grace, limited to only 25 worldwide, retailing for $375. She will ship next week.

Grace is dressed in a peach and lavender gown designed by Paco Alcaida, eminent fashion doll designer. She wears matching shoes, and a blonde chignon wig cap.

The other dolls in the Demi Couture collection should be arriving next week as well--hooray!

Photos are property of JAMIEshow. 

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  1. I'm usually find myself on the fence with JAMIEshow dolls. White Orchid Gene was my gateway to the resin BJD, and she was lovely enough that I added Ling Lan. She was nice, but somewhat disappointing the longer I had her, and her eyelashes both fell off. I found Angelica on the second-hand market for an excellent price, and I like her much better. Marlena turned out to be an exquisite sculpt, though the clothing was a bit of a miss (the fit of the blazer). The JS dolls do have the benefits of the rooted wig caps, which I do like quite a bit. I might buy one of the 12" dolls to see how they compare to the 16" crowd and to Fashion Royalty. The "might" would become "definite" if they were to go on sale. :-)


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