Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two new direct exclusive dolls at Venetian Muse and Mistress of the Manor

Two new gorgeous dolls are available from Barbie Collector. Above, it's Venetian Muse, the second in the Global Glamour Collection.

It's been a long time since a doll has tempted me so much! Venetian Muse uses the Louboutin sculpt and Nostalgic skin tone. She retails for $100 and is only available through BarbieCollector. Also, she's a Gold Label edition, with no more than 5000 dolls produced.

She was designed by Linda Kyaw, and she is similar to an auction doll sold at the Italian Doll Convention last year, called Masquerade Beauty. (You can see photos of the auction doll on Dutch Barbie World's blog.) You can read more about Venetian Beauty here and here.

As if that weren't enough--check out the latest installation from the Haunted Beauty collection: Mistress of the Manor. She is designed by Bill Greening, retails for $100, and no more than 6100 dolls will be produced.

Mistress of the Manor uses the Mermaid sculpt (I didn't know I liked her so much!) with black hair with a white streak in a top knot. She uses the Peace skin tone.

As no more than five dolls (of each doll) are available per order, my guess is that we will also see this doll available from dealers at a higher price.

Both dolls are available for sale now, and I bet they will sell out quickly! Check out for more information.

The photos are property of Mattel, and I'm using them to promote their dolls.


  1. They are both really beautiful, can't wait for some pictures of them in person

  2. I love the purple outfit, does it come in my size? (do I sound like Prince right now?) ;o)


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