Thursday, September 25, 2014

New fall release from Tonner Doll Company: Diana Prince collection

The new fall release from Tonner Doll was revealed yesterday, and several new dolls have been added to the Diana Prince line. I'm impressed that Tonner has managed to make Wonder Woman into a fashion icon as well, plus I'm a fan of the Tyler 2.0 sculpt (though I have her original edition already).

One basic doll and three dressed dolls have been released, plus three additional outfits. These are sized for the new "fit" body--I find that my doll can wear traditional sized Tyler clothes, but her arms and bust are slightly larger, and her hips might be, too. I haven't tried pants on her yet. I saw another collector described the fit body as the Starlet body with larger biceps--but I thought the bust might be slightly larger as well.

Above, Diana Prince is a dressed doll price at $179.99, limited to 500, and is in stock. She has a black rooted updo, painted blue eye, and is wearing dress with a red bodice and black velvet skirt, with gold chain detail. She also includes gold jewelry, black shoes, and a stand.

Princess of Paradise Island is sure to be a hit with Wonder Woman fans and fashion doll collectors alike. She is limited to 500, retails for $199.99, and is available for preorder. I don't see an estimated shipping date yet. She also has painted blue eyes and long black waves, with a gold headband. She's wearing a light blue (not white) crinkle chiffon dress with gold chain belt and accessories.

Undercover is limited to 500 and retails for $189.99. This is a blonde version of the new Tyler sculpt (some collectors call this sculpt Tyler 2.0) with blue eyes. I love the outfit! It's an ivory sequin tank, with slacks, coat with faux fur trim, belt, pumps, bag and silver accessories. She's also in stock now.

Diana Prince Basic is the basic doll, priced at $119.99, limited to 500, and includes a stand (which probably explains her additional price increase). She has raven rooted hair, blue painted eyes, and is dressed in a red cotton tank with blue panties. (I find her outfit amazingly adorable--it reminds me of underoos from my childhood.) She has a red ribbon headband as well. This is a great doll promo in which to see the new body. She expected to ship on October 10.

Beyond the Stars is an outfit, scheduled to arrive on October 10, LE 300, retailing for $99.99. It includes black satin pants, a silver bodysuit, jacket with sequin cuffs, faux fur headband, sunglasses, bag, silver earrings and black and silver sandals.

Modern Day Princess is also scheduled to arrive on October 10 and is limited to 300. It retails for $109.99. It includes a silver and grey knit dress, grey tights, platform shoes, earrings, purse, and bracelets.

Wonder Woman 52 outfit is limited to 500, scheduled to arrive on October 10, and retails for $99.99. It's a nice Wonder Woman costume, including a red bodice with silver trim, blue panty, silver gauntlets, an armband, a choker, headband, lasso and boots.

These dolls can be ordered from your favorite dealer--and many are in stock or will be in stock soon. I highly recommend Dreamcastle Dolls for excellent prices and service!

Photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

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  1. This is a tempting line as it combines dolls, comics, and fashion. (The other lines of comics characters just didn't grab me because they are primarily meant to stay in their costumes.) It appears that she, like the Tyler sets, doesn't have applied eyelashes, which I prefer.


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