Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christie's boyfriend talking Brad, stock #1114

Talking Brad was issued in 1970 and has sculpted black hair, brown centered eyes, and black brows. The lips on my doll have oxidized to brown but they were originally dark rose. He has dark brown skin, bendable legs, and is dressed in a multi-color pullover shirt and orange trunks.

His accessories included a silver foil wrist tag and a clear X stand. He has a pull-string talking mechanism located in his upper back. Brad's original phrases were: 1. My name's Brad, what's yours? 2. Christie is the greatest. 3. Baseball is my favorite sport. 4. Come on, let's go to the movies. 5. I dig the mod look. 6. Hey, let's all go for a ride. Talking Brad's original box graphics depict him in Breakfast at 7 and Rally Gear. There were no specific fashions issued for Brad but all of Ken's clothes will fit him.

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