Friday, March 11, 2011

Collecting Vintage Barbie On A Budget: Part 6

Early Vintage Barbie case with graphic reprsentations of Barbie in Commuter Set, Winter Holiday, Suburban Shopper, and Peachy Fleecy.
Every vintage Barbie collection should include at least one vinyl doll case. The cases are fun and easy to collect and most common ones are priced at well under $50, with most priced below $25. I purchased the two cases shown here for $25 each. If you are buying a vintage Barbie case online ask the seller to ship parcel post so that you can save on shipping costs. Vinyl cases make a great storage area for fashions you are collecting without taking up a lot of space. I store Mommy-made fashions in my cases. You can also use the cases to store dolls which you do not currently want on display. There are single doll cases which hold one doll and trunks which hold from one to three dolls. There are also hat-box style cases and traincases which don't have separate compartments for the dolls. Look for cases which have the handle and accessory drawers intact and only minor to no vinyl tears. Cases can be found in black (my favorite), white, pink, red, and blue.

Vintage Barbie case with bubble cut Barbie doll in Red Flare

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