Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Safe doll shops an Amazon!

I need to know if you've had a good experience shopping for dolls on Sometimes, you can get a great deal on a hard-to-find doll there, and Prime shipping can be convenient.

But sometimes, it's a risk, since not all sellers are professional, and some dolls are smokey or not in the condition described. Plus sellers are not required to use their own photos. Additionally, sometimes buyers leave negative feedback on the store's website because the buyer bought an inexpensive or cheap product, and thinks it's the seller's fault for making it available. It's a rather odd situation, I think.

Here is a growing list of doll shops I have had successful transactions with online. Again, this is a single transaction, so I can't be responsible for your happiness. But I have found these sellers reliable. I'll be adding more as I have more positive transactions.

Also, you should know I am a deboxer, so I don't care as much about the box being in mint condition.

888 ANIME - I bought a Dollzone BJD from this shop, and they packaged it safely and it arrived quickly. Excellent price and service, and lots of hard-to-find items that are actually in stock. I got my doll without a face-up, but they had some in-stock BJDs with face-ups also.

Auntie M's Book Sale - I bought an older Malibu PJ from this shop, and she arrived just as described, in mint condition. No smoke smells, no odors, not even a trace of musty smell. Packaged carefully and shipped quickly, I will shop from this shop again.

Challburt - I bought a hard-to-find barbie here, who arrived with super-fast shipping in perfect condition. No smoke smells or other odors, safely packaged, and a friendly note. Highly recommended!

Discount Toy Outlet - received two dolls, NRFB, as Christmas gifts from this seller. I couldn't tell that they were from any place other than a professional store. Arrived on time, as promised, in perfect condition.

Gifts by Liz - described her dolls well, ships quickly, and packages them safely and in even better condition than I'd hoped (in the box). Excellent prices, also, on hard-to-find or unusual play-line or lower-priced collector dolls (that's what I happened to find from her). I just placed another order at the beginning of May, with the same perfection in packaging, a perfect box and doll, and superfast shipping.

MEGA ToyLand - I bought a NRFB Silkstone from this shop, and I believe this shop is even Amazon Prime eligible. Very convenient, excellent service, and the doll was perfect.


  1. My experiences of doll shopping on Amazon are mostly positive but there are some bad ones. These are based on single transactions:

    Toy Crew: recently ordered from it. Doll was packaged well and arrived in good condition.

    ABCTOY4me: bought several times from them. Items are usually in mint condition but I felt the price was too high.

    Katherine's Cottage: good packaging and items. No problems. Bought often from them.

    cliffsnotes: bought once from them. Good packaging and item arrived as described.

    gino1313: bought only once. A Barbie that was poorly packaged. Box was crushed in half, fortunately the doll wasn't broken but it was a near thing!

    ashtonius_online: No problems with doll or packaging.


  2. aokmovies2: bought a Barbie/Ken box set. No problems either. Good packaging.

    A1A Toys Inc: bought once. An Enchanted doll. No problems either and item was reasonably priced.

    sandra south: got Ken fashions here. Items were as described.


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