Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sale at Cherished Friends!

Jonquil, Basic Redhead.
Photo property of Tonner Doll Company
Check out the sales happening on many different items over at Cherished Friends! If you've been wanting to add some Cami & Jon™(Tonner Doll Company) items to your collection, now is the time.

From the PA store:

  • Jonquil Basic and Basic Redhead are just $59.99 each
  • Escapade, Charm, Starlight, HItting Midnight, The Romantic and Fanfare fashions are only $59.99 each (retail $99.99)
  • Food for Thought and A Cute Above are $49.99 (retail $69.99)
  • Additionally, you can find Antoinette's Determined fashion for $49.99
  • And the 2010 Tyler UltraBasic™ Raven for just $49.99
  • Monica Merrill's That's All She Wrote fashion is just $59.99 (this fits all BW-bodied dolls)
  • Urban Vita Terra, Inferno, Aqua Bella dolls are just $79.99 each
  • Vita's fashion, the shorts set is only $34.99
  • Firefly dolls by Tonner, Jayne Cobb or Captain Malcolm Reynolds are only $89.99 each
  • Browncoat accessory is $27.99
  • 13" DC Stars by Tonner (Wonder Woman and Supergirl) are $89.99 each
  • Tonner Disney licensed character Cinderella and Mirror Mirror on the Wall are $99.99
  • Jessica Rabbit is $79.99
  • Neo Cissy L'Enfant Terrible is $99.99
  • Going Platinum Paris is $79.95
Lots of other fun dolls, including Harry Potter, Miss Piggy, Flexi-pose, Wizard of Oz, Betsy McCall, Ginny, Senson, Kish, Fancy Nancy and more are on sale here, too.

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