Monday, March 28, 2011

Growing, growing, growing...

Scary shelf #2, originally uploaded by alington.
One of my two Peak's Woods shelves. Maybe I have a small "problem." For sizes, the purple-haired girl is as tall as a Tonner Doll, or about 16" high.

From the left: normal skin Segi, white skin Wake-Up Cue, white skin Sky (in DollHeart), normal skin Mintie (Sky and Mints both have older-style stock face-ups), LE tan Briana (in Val Zeitler's Under the Boardwalk outfit), normal skin Lottie Real on FOB body, normal skin Mintie with current style face-up (yes, I had two when this photo was taken), Yeru the Soul with current style face-up, and normal skin Naomi (I just love her with lighter eyes!).

All outfits not mentioned above are nighties and pajama sets by the talented JennyGrey, and are for sale on her Etsy page, as of this post. (She's graciously let me borrow them for a photoshoot.) This is assuming I don't buy them before you, and you can get me to take them off my dolls, LOL!

But seriously, if you're interested:

Segi is wearing Georgiana, Wake-Up Cue is in the white cotton and lace two-piece, raven-haired Mintie is in Lydia, Lottie is wearing an MSD-sized two-piece, Mintie #2 is wearing Kitty, Yeru is in Mary, and little Naomi's isn't listed yet, but you could ask Jen about it. All pieces range from $35-$55, with most in the $40 category. They are really well made, lined, with snap closures, and very highly detailed.

They are just adorable. Yeru's headband is included with her outfit, too. Aren't they cute?

Close-up of Naomi, a YoSD size. This will also fit Fairyland dolls and other
similarly sized BJDs. See the working pockets and real pin tucks?


  1. I see no problem, just lots of beautiful PW girls ;o)

  2. My philosophy is "there's always room for one more". BTW, I think I need to buy Naomi's gown!


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