Friday, March 25, 2011

Top 5 reference books for Vintage Barbie collectors

#1. The complete and unauthorized Guide to Vintage Barbie Dolls by Hillary James. The most up-to-date price guide available for vintage Barbie and family dolls. In addition to the dolls, all the original accessories, liners, and boxes are listed as well as the type of swimsuit the doll was originally wearing. Barbie and Skipper fashions and gift sets from 1959-1972 are listed with each entry presenting all the accessories with the current average price range. Paperback. 160 pages with index.

#2. Barbie Fashion by Sarah Sink Eames. The complete history of the wardrobes of Barbie doll, her friends, and her family. Wonderful photos. Covers the years 1959-1967. Hardcover. No index. 255 pages.

#3. Barbie Doll & Her Mod, Mod, Mod Mod World of Fashion by Joe Blitman with photography by Kevin Mulligan. Covers the years 1967-1972. Fashions are photographed on a doll as well as laid out so that you can see all the accessories. Several variations of many ensembles are shown. Photos are clear and many are humorous. Hardcover. 224 pages with index.

#4. Barbie In Japan by Keiko Kimura Shibano. If you are interested in Japan Exclusives this is the book for you. Includes a history of the manufacturing of Barbie in Japan. The photos are simply yummy. American Girls, Sideparts, Japanese Francie's and Skipper's, and other rarities are included. Hardcover. 144 pages. No index.

#5. Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Family & Friends Licensed Products, 1961-1971, Identification and Values. Comprehensive and accurate. As I am collector of Barbie licensed products, this is my most used reference book. Hardcover. 512 pages with index.

All five of these books are readily available on the secondary market. Happy reading!


  1. It looks like I might need to do some more book shopping!

    What we really need, though, is a book by Kathie Tilton herself. That's what I'd really like to see. ;)

  2. Thanks for posting this - it's nice to know which are the good ones before you buy. :)


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