Friday, November 12, 2010

1965 American Girl Barbie Doll, Stock #1070

The 1965 American Girl Barbie doll has a short pageboy style haircut with a center part. She came in a number of hair colors including variations of blonde, brunette, and titian. The American Girl Barbie pictured here has a box marked as "pale blonde". Later issues of this doll include long-hair and sidepart versions. There are also American Girl Barbie dolls which were exclusive to the Japanese market and had pink skin tone.
This Barbie has bendable knees which the box refers to as "lifelike bendable legs". Her skin tone is tan. Her side-glancing eyes are blue and she has molded lashes and curved eyebrows. There are a wide variety of lip colors. She was dressed in a multi-striped and turquoise one-piece swimsuit that is tagged with a black and white Barbie label. The striped portion of the swimsuit is cotton and the bottom section is knit. She has matching turquoise open-toe shoes one of which is marked Japan on the sole. Other accessories include a gold-wire stand and a fashion booklet.
Both the finger and toenails are painted coral. The toenail polish is often missing on played-with dolls. Her body markings are: c. 1958 Mattel, Inc./US Patented/US Pat Pend.
There was a foil tag on the right wrist.
The American Girl Barbie box was not wrapped in cello but there was a piece of cello on the doll's head. The graphics on the box sides include depictions of Barbie wearing Slumber Party, Golden Evening, Skater's Waltz, Student Teacher, Modern Art, Disc Date, Poodle Parade, Matinee Fashion, Learns to Cook, Jr. Designer, On the Avenue, and Holiday Dance. These are all highly coveted 1600 series fashions any of which look wonderful on an American Girl Barbie doll. Current market prices for short hair American Girl Barbie dolls are approximately $125 for a played with doll with some flaws to $795 for an NRFB example.


  1. She's gorgeous, Kathie! On your version, are her lips painted gold?

  2. All the color on this Barbie is completely original and mint. The buttery yellow is my favorite American Girl lip color. Her head cello has never been removed. She was a great find.

  3. It was my understanding that the color commonly faded on the 1965 AGs to a pale yellow or nude. My bend leg Skipper from 1965 has the same faded lips.

  4. Yes, it is true that American Girl Barbie lip color can oxidize over time. Other dolls that have been found with buttery-yellow lips include later-issue Skipper, bubble cuts, and Swirl Ponytails.

  5. I have a 1965 ash blonde bubble cut. She has nude beige lips. Would she originally have coral lips?

  6. Hi, Yes, they were probably coral. Kathie


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