Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm thankful for... #2.5

Au Milieu de l'Hiver Tyler Face, originally uploaded by alington.
Limited edition dolls. After mentioning that they are one of my pet peeves, I am one of those collectors who loves limited editions. I often like dolls that aren't mainstream--ones with heavier make-up or couture outfits, or clothing that not every collector would find attractive. I think these dolls add spice to my collection.

Au Milieu de l'Hiver Tyler Wentworth is one of these dolls. Her outfit is a black version of Winter Solstice (an American Model), and she has the darkest, most runway make-up of all my Tonners. She's a platinum Tyler 2.0 sculpt--I know, not everyone's favorite, but I love her. She's simply icy.

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