Thursday, November 18, 2010

Convention Review: Eugenia

Well, even though Eugenia is my favorite character, I didn't keep the convention doll "Fine Romance", and that's only because I'm not a fan of gowns or updo's.  I just wouldn't have anything I could redress her in!  She was gorgeous and I did fight the urge for several days, LOL.  The thing that helped me let her go was that we received a Eugenia head in one of the other hair styling workshops (she's in the 3rd picture below).  This workshop taught 2 different hairstyles that you could do with your dolls.  It was taught by Frank Garcia, a phenomenally talented dolly hairstylist.  He specifically requested a Eugenia head since that's his favorite character too!  So I was able to at least get 1 Eugenia at this year's convention.

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  1. Wow--awesome that you were still able to get the Eugenia you wanted! :) And more great photos!


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