Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New 12" fashion BJDs: JAMIEshow DEMI-Collection from Angelic Dreamz

A brand new size of resin ball-jointed dolls from the JAMIEshow line are now available for preorder exclusively from Angelic Dreamz. Orders are being accepted through December 1, and only those quantities will be produced. The estimated ship date is the first week in January. Retail price is $250.

The DEMI-Collection dolls are available in three sculpts:
The dolls stand 12" tall and are manufactured with the same resin as the 16" BJD fashion dolls. They are sized to wear most 12" fashion doll clothing and shoes (Barbie, Dressmaker Details and Fashion Royalty).

Basic dolls include a hand-painted face up, full body blushing, sanding, random black dress (or possibly basic lingerie--there is some confusion on the website), stand and random size 4 wig. They arrive fully assembled. It appears the dolls have double jointed elbows and knees, included in their 19 points of articulation. Their eyes are painted, and acrylic eyes are not offered.

Additionally, 4 additional hand poses (12 total--four in each skin tone--two right hands, two left hands) are available for $15 each hand, and they are strung with s-hooks for easy changing. Plus, the Gaga shoe collection is also available for preorder, $20 per pair, solid resin, and will be arriving in November. These shoes also fit Fashion Royalty, Barbie and Silkstone dolls.

Please click on the links to see George's fantastic photos.

(I have to confess, I love small BJDs, and Isabella is my favorite. Plus, she can share Barbie and FR clothes! Eeek!)

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  1. A quick correction: since posting this article, I've discovered both Joe Blitman and Marl & B will be carrying this line. I'm thrilled to see JAMIEshow "go public"!


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