Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top 10 reasons doll trades are a good idea

I've been resorting to doll trading recently, instead of buying and selling. This works great, especially if you're a member of a doll group. Or, if you know a vintage Barbie dealer who lives in your area and is able to find any Barbie you want to your collection, and you might have been able to convince her she needs a cute little Berdine Creedy BJD or two in her own collection.

In my opinion, it's easiest to do trades in person. However, I've also completed successful trades online. It helps that I have a public blog from which I can establish myself as a real person. So be careful that you "know" your trading partner, and possibly have done business with this person before. On to the list:
  1. No money has to change hands (if it's an even trade). This is the coolest part. Your dolly dollars stay intact!
  2. Your collection becomes more streamlined and organized, if that's what you're trying to do.
  3. Both trading partners get a new doll, and you both end up happy.
  4. It's a green way to do business--think of it as recycling.
  5. You can honestly say, "No, I did not buy a new doll."
  6. This is often a great way to get a grail doll.
  7. Somehow, traded dolls seem like extraordinarily good deals--especially when you were going to sell the traded-away doll anyway.
  8. When you're pinching pennies and you're itching for something new, this is a great method.
  9. Consider doing this with outfits, furniture and doll accessories, as well.
  10. Your trash might be someone else's treasure--you never know what your stuff might be worth to someone else!


  1. I must say that the vintage Barbie dealer in your area has been very happy with her trades and is enjoying her growing BJD collection.

  2. LOL, # 5 cracks me up, and probably has your huggy rolling his eyes.

  3. Blue, I was thinking there must be spiderwebs in every ceiling corner of our house, because he's ALWAYS looking up there lately during our conversations.

    You'd think that would make me clean. But then, I remembered this post instead.



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