Thursday, November 18, 2010

Convention Review: Head for Glamour Agnes

This year when we opened our registration bags, there was an empty doll box!  This meant that we were building a giftset and would be getting pieces to add into the box at each event with the doll being the last part to add in.  So the first piece we received was a beautiful fuschia and black piece of lingierie and some fabulous gold jewelry.  Then we received a fuschia and black mini dress with an interesting train that is on the front in the same matching colors and a great pair of black lace short boots.  The final addition into our giftset was Agnes herself!  A favorite character for sure and one that is exclusive to these conventions.  She came dressed in a black lacy pair of bra and panties  She is platinum blond with sideswept bangs and hair that is pulled back into a rolled ponytail.  Many are saying she looks similar to "Dressing the Part" from several years back. 

1 comment:

  1. Oooh--a blue-eyed blonde with pink lips, but so unlike Barbie. ;)

    I love the lingerie! Gorgeous!


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