Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm thankful for... #10

Goodreau's American BJD Secret, the other half of the TNT Flip trade. I thought with her beehive wig she really needed some mod clothes so I dressed her in a poncho that my grandmother made for my doll's on my 9th birthday. Thanks for another great trade, Alison!


  1. Very nice, Kathie! She looks great with the mod wig/poncho combo. It's perfect!

  2. Secret? It could be the angle, but she more closely resembles my Innuendo.

    In either case, GORGEOUS photo!
    Love the Poncho!

  3. She's most definitely a resin Secret. (I know, because she was formerly in my collection, and I had both.) ;)

    She's a great doll, isn't she?


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