Monday, November 15, 2010

First limited edition BJD posted this morning on Peak's Woods

LE Wake-Up Goldie, photo property of Peak's Woods.
This morning, Peak's Woods posted this lovely LE Wake-Up Goldie on their website. She's an edition of 3 dolls, and she includes the limited face-up, dark green crystal acrylic eyes, the normal skin Goldie, and a black wig.

She's already sold out, of course, but was available to ship immediately.

She's the first in a series of limited edition dolls, which is Peak's Woods 7th annual Christmas event. A different set of dolls will be listed almost daily (excepting the weekends), always less than an edition of 3. Some dolls will be full sets, some parts only, some with different face-ups.

Second, Peak's Woods fans can leave their ideas and desires for the next year on either of the message boards. If you do so by December 31, they will reward you with 10 points.

Third, layaway is available for all items. You can design almost any flexible layaway plan you like, starting with a deposit of just $50. Aside from layaways or requested items, every item will ship the day after you purchase. And finally, some items will be offered at a discount.

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  1. Jeez, I thought some of Tonner's edition sizes were ridiculous!


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