Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas presents, only early!

LE Skiya, Christmas Event, originally uploaded by alington.

Wow, wow, wow! I was so thrilled to greet our postal carrier around ten yesterday morning when she arrived with a giant express mail box. My Christmas gift had arrived, and of course, I had to make sure that Skiya had made the journey from South Korea in one piece. She's more than perfect. I think this is the very doll from the promo photos.

Skiya is a limited edition of only two dolls, and is a white skin, large bust doll. She arrived with the new pose hands attached. They are posed with spread fingers--elegant, of course. But I may change the left one to other pose (which are also included). See deboxing photos here.

The outfit is by Sadol, and is just adorable. The strapless dress fabric is a shiny jacquard, print reversed on the other side. The bolero is a short-sleeved number with silver pearl trim on the neckline, and included long white stretch velvet sleeves. The combination of pale peachy pink, cream and white reminds me of cotton candy (as a kind commenter on my Flickr photo stream made), and it matches her gorgeous face-up perfectly.

The shoes are super-cute, and are by DollHeart. A period style, reminiscent of Rococo design, I may replace them with a more 1950s era pump or peep-toe at some point--but they are adorable. And the wig! Eeek. I love it! More photos of her dressed here.

So... I tried to put her back in the box (after dressing her, since I needed to make sure all the pieces were there, of course), but she wouldn't go back in. Maybe my husband will be all right if I just put a big bow on her and pose her by the Christmas tree? We shall see.

I am simply smitten. Go to Peak's Woods and check out their other limited editions. (There's a gorgeous LE Cue on there who is just wonderful!) And don't hesitate if you see one. It's so cool not having to wait! (It's frighteningly easy to order, too.) Good luck!


  1. Just lovely, Alison. You've gotten me hooked on Peak's Woods!

  2. Don't push your luck with your huggy, singing the 12 Days of Christmas, however!

    Another beauty. Is Lily looking for a new toy?

  3. And Blue, what a fantastic idea... if a bit unrealistic. ;)


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