Monday, November 22, 2010

Tonner factory warehouse sale!

Save the date if you live in the north east:

December 11, 2010

Tonner Doll's Factory Sale
Holiday Inn
503 Washington Ave
Kingston, NY 12401
    I've heard that Wilde Imagination will be participating with Tonner Doll Company for the first time in this event, too. You lucky East-coast doll collectors!


    1. It's probably just as well that I live in the Pacific Northwest. I could just see myself trying to justify spending my half of the rent thre.

      "Hey, Chet, just because it's winter is no reason we need shelter, is there?"

      As I write this, it is snowing here in Washington!

    2. :) I could see that happening, too.

      "Car? We had a second car? What car are you talking about, dear?" ;)

    3. "Second mortgage? Oh, no, honey, I'm SURE they just sent out two envelopes by mistake."


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