Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - Grand Re-Opening is live now!

Check it out: lots of fun stuff on the rather slow-moving newly redesigned BarbieCollector website:

  • Enter the Grand Re-Opening sweepstakes--it's a free drawing. No purchase necessary, and you can enter every day, now through November 9, with a new winner each day. You can enter without a purchase, too, daily. Check out winners each day after 11 am CDT. Plus, they've even listed the daily prizes, and they aren't always just a single doll!
  • Sales: don't forget. you'll get 25% off your entire order today only, and the discount should appear in your shopping cart automatically.
  • Special gifts with purchase: You'll receive a special gift when you order two items from the Barbie Basics collection (a 5x7 sketch valued at $5), and/or a single item from the Christian Louboutin line (Barbie by Christian Louboutin calendar, valued at $12).
Now, on to my personal opinion and a review of the site. A few complaints:

  • It's terribly slow. Of course, it's about 8 am in California during a 24-hour sale, so perhaps my expectations are a bit high.
  • Some of the photos on the shopping site aren't uploaded yet, such as the 5x7 Barbie Basics sketch, and quite a few of the thumbnails of the Jonathan Adler home items.
  • The features on the Home page are a little confusing. For example, the Photo Shoot widget, in the middle of the page on the right. It states, "Which shoes would you like to borrow from Barbie's closet?" (First, let's capitalize that correctly, OK?) Second, let's actually make that photos of shoes, rather than scenic photos. I'm assuming it will at some point draw from Barbie collector's actual photos, assuming they use tags correctly. But that's really assuming a lot.
  • Too many font types (I know, I should talk--but I try to limit mine to two. Why does Blogger insist on three or more?), and too many all caps. I mean, of course, ignoring the title.
  • My password problem. I couldn't log in to the site. I tried to reset my password, but the link that was sent to me sent me to a page that told me, "Oops, Are you on this page by mistake?" To me, that's something you should probably make sure works before you go live.
What I do like about the site:
  • It's new, clean and fresh. Lots more information than there was than the last page. 
  • It's not cluttered, and it's easy to read.
  • I love the "You've Recently Viewed" widget in the footer. But I think it should say, "You've recently viewed."
  • I think the Style File widget is very clever. I rarely notice the adult-sized Barbie items, and I love them. I'm proud of being a doll collector, and this will really help me see new items.
  • I really like the "tags" feature on the individual item listings. I hope these will be used in the future.
  • I love the fact that members will be able to upload their own photos of their dolls, and we can browse them from the site. I love to see real life photos of the doll before I buy, and I'd rather do it from here than Google.
  • Easy navigation, both at the top and bottom of the page.
  • Featuring one large doll at the top is very classy.
  • Pink, but not too pink.
  • It's a change. I love change.

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  1. Um--I need to make an urgent addition to my post here. After posting, I did some shopping. Did anyone else have the following problem?

    Upon checkout, I saw someone else's shipping information on my own personal home computer? There was some other stuff, too. I use Safari, and no one else uses mine. I also so partially blacked out saved Visa/MC numbers (you'd still need to guess expiration and CVC codes to use them) when you got to the billing section, but honestly, it was enough of a security threat for me to cancel my order.

    Did anyone else have this issue?


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